Sedona Update 2 – Lunging

At some point in every young horse’s life it is critical they learn to give to halter pressure.  I am a huge believer in building willingness and softness in a horse each time it is handled – not just while riding.  I want my horses to be willingly guided under saddle and that process starts on the ground!  Please remember this video series is not intended to be instructional.  If you need help learning groundwork, please contact us for a lesson!  The video below will take you through Sedona’s first lunging experience.  As always remember to comment and tell us what you think!  If you have any questions leave them in the comments as well and I will be sure to answer them.  Enjoy!


Ashley Purdin



  1. Very nice. I thought I would leave a comment so you know it is being watched. Great Job, Ladies

  2. I love this!! I really like that Beth didn’t use a whip to teach lounging at least in the beginning (not sure if she has progressed to that yet). Whips are great teaching tools, but I like it when horses know how to yield to pressure before yielding to a whip.

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