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Hello EC Riders!

2019 started out as a very difficult year for our barn.  The Strangles outbreak was  stressful, exhausting and expensive.  We recognize that all of these negatives were a shared experience with our Boarders and that many of you incurred significant vet bills in addition to lost time enjoying your horse.
We have emerged stronger.  We believe our new approach to Biosecurity is comprehensive, complete and at a level practiced by the best boarding barns in the country and far superior to most.  We continue to work with Dr. Tom Lenz on all aspects of our operations and are pleased to tell you that he will remain part of our team through 2020.
We made significant investments in our facility in 2019.
  1. Heated Ritchie automatic waterers in the stalls.
  2. New fencing to separate boarder only areas
  3. Secure enclosed grain storage room
  4. LED lights in the indoor arena
  5. Boarder Lounge
  6. Quarantine facility off-premise
  7. Daily hands on well-being checks of all of our herd
What to expect for this winter:
We will not be holding any large clinics or shows from December – March.  Haul-ins for lessons and classes from owners we know and trust will still take place.  The visiting horses will be temp checked at the trailers as is already our protocol.
Unless we have a very mild winter, we will not be taking any new horses into quarantine for admission to our boarding herd from December through the end of February.  If you know anyone who wants to become part of our barn, please let them know this.  Time is of the essence.
A note from Ashley:
I am so thrilled to have you all with us, after what was for many of us, a challenging year.  My lesson and training horse program took a sharp dive after the strangles outbreak and it has been wonderful to watch that grow and re-develop over the summer.  My schedule is quite full again and I appreciate each and every one of my clients for coming along side us as we developed new protocols for visiting horses.
October is the month where we sit down as a team at EC and plan out the coming year.  I made some time to sit back and think about my goals for 2020.  While I do love to compete, I found myself needing to create more of a balance between my competition goals and just enjoying time with my horses.  Our 2020 calendar will reflect this.  Our motto for next year is Do Less Better.  After 3.5 years in business at Equus Curito, we have a good handle on what events work and don’t work for us.  What to expect:
  • MRHA Shows Ashley and a group of students will be competing in all of the Missouri Ranch Horse Shows for 2020.  We will be holding clinics, classes and lessons to help you prep.
  • EC Trail Ride EC will be hosting an off-property overnight trail ride in 2020.  Details to follow!
  • Flint Hills Trips These will be boarder-exclusive trips working cattle in the flint hills.  Wonderful food and first-class accommodations.
  • Women’s Retreat Trail Ride We will offer an overnight trail riding retreat where you bring your own horse!  Fellowship, self-discovery, personal development, goal-setting etc!  Kim Worlow, our life coach will be leading these retreats and Ashley will be there to support you through the trail rides!
  • Clinics We will host a very limited number of outside clinicians for 2020.
  • Summer Camps Our youth summer camp program was a great success this year and we look forward to continuing that for next year.
  • Fun Shows/Ranch Obstacle Shows We will not host any large events but we will continue to have our small shows for boarders and lesson takers.
  • Class and Lesson Schedules Ashley and Alexis will continue to be available to you for both private lessons and classes.
  • Training Horses We have shifted to being primarily a boarding horse facility.  However, we will take in a limited number of outside training horses for dedicated owners who wish to further the horse’s knowledge.   This could be as few as one training horse per month.
I had to cut out one major thing from the 2020 calendar.  UHCA/EXCA racing.  While it was not an easy decision, I can’t do it all and I had to find some open space in my calendar for other things.  I will still be available to coach those who want to continue to compete in cowboy racing but I will not be attending any races, myself.

If you are interested in joining us either for our overnight camping for 2020 or Missouri Ranch Horse Shows, I would encourage you to participate in the 2020 Goals Meetings November 16th.  These meetings are free and will be in small groups talking directly with Ashley about your 2020 goals and we will come up with a plan to get there!

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