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Power float vs hand float

My horse, Sedona, at Red Oak Animal Hospital receiving her first float.

I had a recent question from a reader.  From DeAnna: “Curious what your thoughts are on vets using hand tools compared to electric tools. I have had different vets float my horses with electric tools as well as floated using hand tools. I have had both good and bad experiences from both, but do you have a preference of one over the other?”

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Bumps on a young horse’s jawbone

Pixie’s jaw with eruption bumps.

What are the bumps on my horse’s jaw line?  Meet Pixie, a young, three-year-old quarter horse.  Pixie came to a clinic of mine last week and her owner had been wondering about the cause of the unsightly bumps on her lower jaw that had seemed to pop up over night.  These bumps were hard and seemed to be a part of the jawline itself.  I explained that these were simply “eruption bumps” from Pixie’s adult premolars erupting and pushing the deciduous baby teeth out.  This sparked a discussion about the importance of proper dental care throughout a horse’s lifetime.

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